Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I’m on a bit of a dickey downer today chums. The cad who circulated the “kiss me quick” post card during Biffa Branley’s election campaign is proving difficult to pin down. This type of jiggery pokery really does ruffle the old gander. For flips sake, why me? Its not as if I’m a troublemaker. To minimise the chance of getting into any bother, I go to as few meetings as possible and always follow the orders handed down from the Captain’s table.

Jeepers, life’s pretty tough when you’re at the forefront of local politics.

In order to perk myself up, I’m going to venture out tonight for a spot of tiffin washed down with a bit of a jig.
Pongo Khan recently “invited” me to Aneesas. Sorry Pongo, but deli belly is not for me. It’s not that I’m racist (though the Scots do bring me out in a rash). Indeed, I am regarded by the chaps at the Market as something of an “internationalist”, due in no small part to the fact that I once went to Birmingham. No readers, you shall find me in full formal dress seated in that chic but eloquent troughing hole “The Vietnam Dong” on Ocean Road. After a couple of snifters, several bowls of the chef’s best Pot Noodle, it’s onwards and upwards to Roxanne’s with Cheesy Muldoon, Marmaduke and Squifey Chufnel. The boys and I have been listening to Rick Astley on the old gramophone, and have worked out a new dance routine.

Tonight we let it loose on the public!

Ready….steady….body pop!

See you on the dance floor party pop pickers!

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